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CMFA LogoWelcome to the Chelmsford Model Flying Association web site.

We hope you will find all the information you need about the club, however should you have any questions regarding the website or other information on it, please do not hesitate to contact  the appropriate club official on the contacts page.
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British Model Flying Association . . . .

BMFA Web SiteThe BMFA is the body delegated by the Royal Aero Club to be responsible for all aspects of model flying in Great Britain. The BMFA normally has around 780 clubs affiliated to it, with a combined membership from clubs and individual members of over 36,000. Membership brings many benefits, including 3rd party liability insurance of up to £5 million. The BMFA is also recognised as the sole representative organisation for the sport in the U.K. by the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI) which is the world wide governing body for all forms of sporting aviation, including model flying. (Click on logo for more information)

  Events For 2024 . . . .

EVENTS FOR 2024 During the year the club tries to hold various events either at the airfield, or at the monthly club meetings. Regular club nights are held at the Boreham Village Hall every 2nd Wednesday of the month, except June, July, and August when members meet at the club flying field on every 2nd Thursday of the month for a social chat, flying, and weather permitting the occasional barbeque All events are subject to weather conditions.

For more information visit the Events page on this web site

    Membership . . . .

CMFA LogoIf you wish to join the Chelmsford Model Flying  Association, please visit the membership page of this web site. Click on the links on the membership page to download, print off, and then complete the 2024 membership form, and membership joining letter. Membership is limited to 150 although there may be exceptions for new juniors joining or if the applicant is not a member of another model flying club. If you are a junior member you will also need to download the 'Junior Membership Disclaimer' form.
    Fun Day Sunday May 12th 2013 . . . .

On Sunday May 12th, the largest organised event in the history of the Chelmsford Model Flying Association took place at the clubs Roxwell flying field. The Fun Day was held in association with the Essex Air Ambulance, and a donation from the proceeds was presented to this worthy life saving charity. The event which was well attended attracted a good mix of public, both young and old, along with a very impressive flying display by club members and invited guests the crowds were entertained throughout the day. For more details and to view photos of the Fun Day event, please click on the image.

    FunBat Extravaganza . . . .

Click HereMany CMFA members have taken to building the FunBat combat plane. The easy to build models are cut from sheets of EPP Depron and are very forgiving, most major repairs can be done with a suitable adhesive (UHU Por or alternative) and glass strand clear tape. For more details including a CMFA members photo gallery, and video on the FunBat, please click on the image.

    CMFA Photo Gallery . . . .

Photo GalleryThe photo on the right is of former club member Dave Ross seen here with his scratch built 1950's style 'Bootlace' American racer. The 54" wing span is superbly finished in yellow covering with red & black stripes and has a .46 two stroke up front. The maiden flight was a great success with very little trimming needed. To view more than 400 images of club members and there models visit the extensive photo gallery on this web site. If you have any recent photos of aircraft models taken at the airfield and would like them featured on the gallery please email them to me. Please do not crop or resize your photos thank you. Click on image to view photo gallery.
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    Competition Results . . . .

Throughout the year some club members participate in various fixed wing aircraft competitions, including Climb & Glide, Fast & Slow, and the fast and furious Pylon racing. All CMFA members are welcome, dates can be found on the Events page of this web site. Results of club competitions can now be found on the results page of this web site by clicking Here

    CMFA Committee Members & Club Officials. . . .

Chairman: Gary Nunn
Vice Chairman: Steve Hyde
Secretary: Andrew Wing
Treasurer: Brian Stratton
Web Master: Peter Harrington
Power Representative: Jack Palfrey
Training Co-ordinators: Trevor Smith
Helicopter Representative: Darren Patel
Safety Representatives: Clive Kerr
Glider Representative: Vacant

Recognised Club Instructors . . . .

Trevor Smith, Gary Nunn, Sean O'Sullivan, Steve Vickers, Martin Anthony, Peter Harrington, Steve Riley, Steve Hyde, Colin Straus, & Gary Cooper.
Helicopters only Dave Saban

BMFA Examiners . . . .

Gary Nunn, Trevor Smith, Sean O'Sullivan, Steve Riley, and Colin Straus

    Child & Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy . . . .


junior member is defined as being less than 18 years of age.

vulnerable adult is defined as a person of 18 years of age or over but through mental or physical attributes requires a higher level of supervision than would be normally necessary for an adult member.

responsible adult is defined as a senior member or parent/guardian who has the clearance, experience, knowledge and training commensurate with the type and degree of supervision required.

The club recognises the need for sensible measures to ensure the safety of children and vulnerable adults whilst taking part in the sport. To that end, the club has adopted the BMFA policy for the protection of children and vulnerable adults, and that policy is available on the BMFA website at

In accordance with the policy, the club has appointed its Chairman , Gary Nunn as club Welfare Officer within the meaning of the BMFA policy.



Chelmsford Model Flying Association fully accepts:-

  • Its legal and moral obligations to provide a duty of care to protect all children and vulnerable adults and safeguard their welfare irrespective of age, disability, gender and sexual identity, race or religious belief (Children’s Act 1989 and 2004 and the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults Act 2003).


  • That the welfare of junior and vulnerable adult members is paramount and that they have the right to protection from all forms of abuse.


  • That all juniors who take part in model flying activities should be able to participate in a fun and safe environment in an atmosphere of fair play.

Chelmsford Model Flying Association is committed to ensuring that:-


  • It takes all reasonable practical steps to protect children from harm, discrimination and degrading treatment and respects their rights, wishes and feelings.


  • All suspicions and allegations of poor practice or abuse will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly and appropriately, as whilst it is the responsibility of child protection authorities/experts to determine whether or not abuse has taken place, it is everyone’s responsibility to report concerns.

  • High standards of behaviour and practice in compliance with the  BMFA Code of Practice on Club Welfare and Child Protection are established within the club environment at all times.

  • Any club member participating in “regulated activity” will be carefully selected, informed about their responsibilities and provided with guidance and/or training for good practice and child protection procedures.


  •  Chelmsford Model Flying Association will strive to ensure that all members understand and accept their responsibilities and work together, including parents, juniors, instructors, volunteers and club officers.




The following rules set out the means of implementing the BMFA policy for Chelmsford Model Flying Association.


  • All members, parents, guardians and carers are to comply with BMFA and club policies and guidelines for the promotion of the welfare and care of children and vulnerable adults.


  • Junior members must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult. The level of supervision is to be commensurate with the junior member’s age, maturity, capabilities and levels of experience.


  • Junior members under the age of 14 years shall not start an engine or carry a model with the engine running unless they are supervised by a responsible adult.


  • No child or vulnerable adult shall undertake any activity which might place him or her at risk. In any event prior consultation with their parent, guardian or carer must take place if there is any doubt on the member’s abilities to undertake a specific activity.

  • No senior member of the club is to be expected to assume responsibility for a child or a vulnerable adult.

  • It is the parent or guardian’s responsibility to supervise any child or vulnerable adult at all times or to appoint a responsible adult to do so on their behalf.

  • The club will not accept responsibility for appointing a responsible adult, nor will it make any recommendations about an individual’s suitability for that appointment. 


  • It is the parent or guardian’s sole responsibility to satisfy themselves with the suitability of the person they appoint and to notify the club of the appointment. 


  • Full details of how the parent or guardian may be contacted in an emergency must be provided if they are not present as the responsible adult.


  • Notwithstanding the requirements of the previous paragraph, should a member discover a child or vulnerable adult that is unsupervised then he/she must assume responsibility for that person’s safety in the first instance. They should never assume this role as an individual and should immediately involve at least one other senior member of the club while the matter is being resolved. The situation should then be rectified as soon as possible by seeking out the parent, guardian, carer or nominated supervisor. Any instance of such an occurrence is to be reported to the club committee as soon as possible and a record made of the occurrence. The club will then contact the parent or guardian and inform them that should a similar situation arise again, the committee will consider terminating club membership for the child or vulnerable adult.


  • Whilst associating with children or vulnerable adults at the flying field, members should avoid placing themselves in a position that could be open to misinterpretation or question in accordance with BMFA policy. Remember, the policy is there to protect you as well as children and vulnerable adults.


  • The club has appointed instructors for teaching persons to fly radio controlled model aircraft. These persons are registered with the BMFA as instructors and Examiners.


  • The club rules state that the child or vulnerable adult must be accompanied by a parent, guardian, or someone who has written authority to bring the junior to the site and supervise them. They must accompany the junior members at all times. A copy of the written authority must be lodged with the HDMAC Secretary/Welfare officer and will be retained for future records.


  • Whilst visiting children are encouraged it must be remembered at all times that the flying site is an active flying field and potentially hazardous. Children must remain in the pits area at all times and remain clear of the flight line and all areas of the flying site


  • (Note: if the parent or guardian is a sufficiently competent pilot and wishes to instruct their own child or vulnerable adult, then they may do so without further clearance.)


  • Should any member, parent, guardian, carer or the person themselves have concerns about the welfare of children or vulnerable adults then he or she is to contact the club Welfare Officer or one of the help lines listed in the BMFA policy.


  • All members are required to respect the rights and dignity of children and vulnerable adults and to promote their welfare. Caring is largely a matter of common sense provided everyone is clear on what is expected of them and a few simple principles are adhered to. It is not a responsibility to be feared but is, nevertheless, essential if we are to ensure that we are to be a club that offers opportunities for all.


    A Lifetime Modelling - By Brian Austin

Many members at the CMFA will recognise the familiar face of long serving club member, and modelling expert, Brian Austin who has recently published a book on a lifetime of modelling. The book, which contains 256 pages and spans 60 years from 1950 - 2010, took Brian approximately 18 months to write. The book contains many images throughout plus many interesting articles on the CMFA. The book can be purchased from Brian direct at a cost of £15 + £1.50 P & P. Telephone: 01245 320587 Email:


Activ Chelmsford, the most comprehensive guide to Chelmsford on the internet.
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  Local Model Shops . . . .

Model ShopsLooking for a local Model shop, then look no further. Click on the logo and visit the links page of this web site where you will find a selection of model shops used by many of the CMFA members. Discounts or price match available in selective shops to CMFA members. (Club membership card may be required)




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