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  Where & When Flying Site . . . .

In order to live in harmony with our neighbours at the field, we adhere strictly to DOE figures for engine noise and to fixed flying times as laid down by the local authorities.
These are:

Monday - Saturday            10am - 9pm

Sundays & Bank Holidays   10am - 5pm


Fixed Wing (Internal Combustion engines)                FREQUENCY ALLOCATIONS

CMFA Club Night
Great Waltham Village Hall

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Local Weather


Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday
10am - 7pm

Tuesday & Thursday
10am - 9pm

Sundays & Bank Holidays
10am - 4pm

All 35 MHz Band Channels are:


Power Area........   Channels 55 - 69 inc.

                          Channels 86 - 90 inc.

Helicopter Area ..   Channels 80 - 85 inc.

Glider Area .......    Channels 70 - 79 inc.

Gliders & Electric Powered Models
No Restrictions other than no flying before 10am Sundays

  Flying Site . . . .

CMFA Flying Site
    Flying Site Entrance Map . . . .

The CMFA flying site is situated west of Chelmsford on the A1060 at Roxwell. The main gate is set back from the main road and is secured with a combination padlock, of which all members have access to.

Flying site entrance map co-ordinates are: North 51.753005...........East 00.413811

Flying Site Location Map

    Where & When Do We Meet . . . .

The CMFA monthly meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month at 8:00 p.m.
However  in June, July and August the Club meetings are at the flying field on the Thursday after the second Wednesday in those months only, weather permitting. See Events Page for more details.

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