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The Committee has developed a Training Plan and has appointed Trevor Smith as Training Co-ordinator who will be responsible for the day to day running of the Plan.

The object of the Plan is to establish training needs within the Club and endeavour to meet those needs by arranging for such training to be provided by suitably approved Instructors.
The arrangements will only be for voluntary unpaid approved Instructors from within the Club. It is not permissible for non-Club Instructors to instruct on CMFA premises.
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  Training Using a Buddy LeadThe possibility of paid instruction has been investigated and it has been found that there are insurance, legal and tax problems which are insurmountable. Therefore paid instruction is not an option. The initial priority will be to endeavour to match every member who does not possess an “A” Certificate and who wishes to be trained, with a suitable Club Instructor. The Coordinator will need to contact each Instructor and trainee, in order to draw up a “profile” containing such information as type of model, availability, experience and radio equipment, in order to achieve a suitable match. Once matched, the Coordinator will inform both parties. From there on it will be the responsibility of the trainee to contact the Instructor in order to arrange dates and times.
This scheme does not preclude private arrangements being made at any time for instruction between a trainee and an “A” Certificate holder.
It is important for the success of the Plan that arrangements are kept once they have been made. It is better for an Instructor to make and keep only one appointment than to make and break half a dozen vague arrangements. The trainee would prefer to be refused a lesson than to have a wasted journey.

Daniel HindsIt is of course equally important that the trainee turns up and in plenty of time so the Instructor has neither had a wasted journey nor is kept waiting. In the event of inclement weather, the trainee should contact the Instructor in order to confirm arrangements. The initial arrangements will be for radio control planes for which an  “A” Certificate (Fixed Wing) is required, and for helicopters  for which an  “A” Certificate (Helicopter) is required. The Training will then be extended to other qualifications such as “B” Certificates if possible. When the initial priorities have been met, the Training Scheme will be extended to cover qualifications for Instructors and Examiners. All training will be required to be carried out in accordance with the “BMFA Member’s Handbook”, “BMFA Up and Away”, “BMFA Radio Control Achievement Schemes”, and the CMFA  “Constitution”, “Governing Rules” and “Codes of Practice”. All these documents are available to Instructors and trainees and ignorance of them will not be tolerated. There should be regular dialogue between the Instructor, the Trainee and the Coordinator to ensure that the training flows smoothly and to vary the Plan if there seems to be a problem of principle. The Plan must be flexible and be able to develop to meet the requirements of the members.

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